C&L Mechanical and Piping Specialists provides services spanning from residential plumbing  to welding to HVAC installations. With over 40 years of experience, Dan and Nelson are committed to providing the highest level of service while building personal, long-term relationships with their clients.  Most importantly, Dan and Nelson say that, “we shake hands and thank each customer personally.”

 While Dan was happy with his career, he had always dreamed of one day owning his own mechanical contracting company. He knew it would be a long process, but he was anxious to get started. After working at the Saratoga Racetrack all day, Dan would come home to the project of sectioning off a portion of his property and constructing a 3,000- square-foot building. With his father, Mike, a few friends and family members and his extensive experience at his back, Dan was ready to make this dream in to a reality.

During the same time, Dan’s local union brother, Nelson Charron, was working in the field and teaching apprenticeship school at night. He was completing his associate degree in construction supervision and industrial training from Washtenaw Community College in hopes of starting his own business one day.

As specialists, experts and masters in their field, Dan and Nelson’s previous careers paved the way for them to come together and create C&L Mechanical.

C&L Mechanical Company team Nelson and Dan

On September 3, 2019, C & L Mechanical Corporation was officially launched in Moreau, NY, serving northeastern New York—from Albany to the Canadian border—and Dan and Nelson haven’t looked back since. Nelson stated, “Dan has been an incredible business partner, and he brings so much to the table that even the challenges seem easy to overcome. We are thrilled with the decision we made, and the 16-hour days to get it launched were so worth it.”


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